A call that started inconspicuously as a referral—someone looking for logo design—took an interesting turn when I found out that this client wanted a logo for a maple syrup festival…in Indiana. Turns out that Indiana has a history of maple syrup production dating back to the early settlers, and the idea was to create an annual event to celebrate the revival of that tradition.

What started out as a logo quickly grew to a website and print collateral to help promote the festival, along with t-shirt designs and branded merchandise: hand-made ceramic coffee mugs, hats, etc.

In addition, one of the events that happens during the festival has developed an identity of its own: The Sweet Victory Challenge. Sponsored by King Arthur Flour, this event invites amateur bakers from across the country to submit a recipe using maple syrup and King Arthur Flour.

Held annually in Medora, Indiana during the first two weeks of March, the National Maple Syrup Festival is an iconic symbol of spring in beautiful southern Indiana, as temperatures warm and maple trees reach peak sap production.